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    Thanks for a Great Tournament Anglers !

    Heaviest Overall Fish, Postage Paid, Matt Teuchert, 60.2 Cobia
    2nd Heaviest Overall Fish, Glenda C, Brandon/Gus Rhodes, 44.4 King
    3rd Heaviest Overall Fish, Get-R-Wet, Chris Wedswood, 43.9 King
    1st Place Boat, Frick and Frack, 324.5 pounds
    2nd Place Boat, Wet Hooker, 310.1 pounds
    3rd Place Boat, Blue Brothers – Beacon Grp, 292.4 pounds
    4th Place Boat, Conched Out, 291.5 pounds
    5th Place Boat, Hook Me Up, 263.4 pounds
    6th Place Boat, Makin Time – Living Water, 245.2 pounds
    7th Place Boat, Doing It All – Hard Way, 233.2 pounds
    8th Place Boat, O-Sea-D, 210.1 pounds
    9th Place Boat, Glenda C, 200.6 pounds
    10th Place Boat, Liquid, 195.2 pounds

    1st Place Drift Angler, Rubben Howe, 31.06 pounds
    2nd Place Drift Angler, Doug Eilertson, 28.86 pounds
    3rd Place Drift Angler, Chris Felker, 27.78 pounds
    4th Place Drift Angler, Cameron Andrews, 23.3 pounds
    5th Place Drift Angler, Blythe Gregg, 21.04 pounds
    6th Place Drift Angler, Pablo Rubio, 19.54 pounds
    7th Place Drift Angler, Zachary Silvers, 18.58 pounds
    8th Place Drift Angler, Clara Theis, 17.78 pounds
    9th Place Drift Angler, Paul Morrill, 17.78 pounds
    10th Place Drift Angler, Ken O’Brien, 16.66 pounds

    1st Place Junior Angler, Frick and Frack, Laurel David, 115.3 pounds
    2nd Place Junior Angler, Hard Lines, Gabe Williams, 93.4 pounds
    3rd Place Junior Angler, Miss Michelle, Will Kelleher, 41.3 pounds

    1st Place Lady Angler, Hook Me Up, Lauren Palko, 178.1 pounds
    2nd Place Lady Angler, High Gear, Melanie Diaz, 133.8 pounds
    3rd Place Lady Angler, Frick and Frack, Laurel David, 115.3

    1st Place Male Angler, Frick and Frack, James David, 167.4
    2nd Place Male Angler, Wet Hooker, Brandon Laurintano, 166.4 pounds
    3rd Place Male Angler, Glenda C, Brandon/Gus Rhodes, 153 pounds

    1st Place Dolphin, Liquid, Lamar Sapp, 40.6 pounds
    2nd Place Dolphin, Extractor, Michael Teras, 30.9 pounds
    3rd Place Dolphin, Team Marine Max, Jeff Dechant, 27.7 pounds

    1st Place Cobia, Postage Paid, Matt Teuchert, 60.2 pounds
    2nd Place Cobia, Crew Zing, Stephan Deleuze, 27.1 pounds
    3rd Place Cobia, Inconchnito, Peter Jones, 19.6 pounds

    1st Place King, Glenda C, Brandon/Gus Rhodes, 44.4 pounds
    2nd Place King, Get-R-Wet, Chris Wedswood, 43.9 pounds
    3rd Place King, Glenda C, Brandon/Gus Rhodes, 36.9 pounds

    1st Place Tuna, Conched Out, Sean Nordan, 37.8 pounds
    2nd Place Tuna, Covered Up, Gabe Early, 32.7 pounds
    3rd Place Tuna, Frick and Frack, James David, 32.7 pounds

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