Fish the 2017 Rodeo


2016 Rodeo Pays out $86,950 to Anglers

Frick & Frack Wins Championship Crown with 393.3 Pounds and $35,194

2016 Contributions top $16,000

This is the first time in many years as result of both a great Seafood Festival and Rodeo that we have been in a position to make significant donations back to the community and our anglers, sponsors and committee should take pride in the role each have played to make this happen.

First, we are donating $10,000 to Shipwreck Park in support of the sinking of the 224’ “Lady Luck”. Get more info at our history of creating artificial reefs, it is exciting to me that we are able to give the fishing community some stake in this project that is being funded primarily by the City and Isle Casino. It is being touted mainly as a diving destination, but is being sunk in 150’ of water and will certainly benefit fishing as well.

Next, I am equally proud that we are donating $6,750.00 to the Wounded Warrior Anglers. In the interest of full disclosure, they will actually net $4,500.00 after paying expenses from their day of fishing on the Helen S during the Rodeo. These funds come primarily from the silent auction, tips at the bar on Thursday night and of course because of the sponsorship of J.R. Dunn Jewelers.

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